We will gladly explain our daily routine and discuss all the details of your dog’s potential stay. In order that we can give you all the time and attention possible, it is best if you call to make a prior appointment.

First stay / Trial stay

Holidays for the dog whilst their humans enjoy a few days off, are on a business trip or have difficult times to overcome. We want to offer our furry guests a safe environment, a lot of fun and a chance to interact with other dogs. Our customers can rely on us and don’t need to worry. We want to make sure that your dog feels happy here in our pack. Because of that, it is mandatory that your dog tries out his holiday home first, before actually staying here. Such a trial stay lasts 2 to 3 days. During that time, you will receive pictures, videos and a short update, so you know how your four-legged friend is faring. Should your pet not feel at ease in our pack concept, we will also let you know.

Uncastrated male dogs above the age of 1 year and females in heat we can’t accommodate. 

For the safety of all guests, please make sure that your dog has all the vaccinations needed. Apart from the combined vaccine (DHPPi) we strongly recommend to get the nasal immunization against kennel cough done (Zwingerhusten/KC).


Arrival and departure days are counted as full holiday days
Small dogs (up to 9 kg)Fr. 46.-
Middle-sized dogs (up to 40 kg)Fr. 49.-
Large dogs (as of 40 kg)Fr. 55.-
Extra heating bill per day (approx. October to March)Fr. 3.50

The Hundeland Team