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We will gladly explain our daily routine and discuss all the details of your dog’s potential stay. In order that we can give you all the time and attention possible, it is best if you call to make a prior appointment.

Trial Holiday


To be sure that your dog will feel at home with us, we would preferably like to welcome each new holiday guest on a trial basis. Ideally this involves three days and two nights, so that the dog can gain an understanding of how each day is structured and can begin to settle in. In addition, this stay reassures the dog that they will return to their family. During this time, the Hundeland team also has the opportunity to get to know your dog: to establish a good, working relationship with him or her and to decide whether Hundeland is the right kind of place for them.

The First Visit


During your dog’s first visit to Hundeland (for more information see ‘Trial Holiday’), they will be photographed. This enables you to see what your four-legged friend got up to and whether he/she enjoyed themselves during their first stay. The photos will be burned onto a data stick, which you can take away as a memento of your pet’s time with us.
In order to protect their fellow dogs we welcome pets with documented vaccinations only. Apart from the ordinary annual vaccinations your dog needs to be immunised against kennel cough (nasal vaccination).


The dogs are fed twice a day, in the morning at 10am and in the evening at 6pm. After feeding, the dogs rest in their rooms for 1-2 hours to help their digestion and give them some down-time. We ask that you bring the food your dog is used to. If your dog requires any medication, please bring this as well.



Puppies are always welcome. As young dogs still require lots of rest and care, we take special precautions to make sure they have the best stay possible. We ensure that puppies on holiday with us are allowed to play and develop positive skills and associations within a supportive and safe environment.

Uncastrated Males / In Heat Females

Unfortunately, we do not take in uncastrated males that are older than 1 year. If you require more information please don’t hesitate to contact us. For females that come into heat during their stay, we charge a 100% additional daily fee for the extra supervision required.